Count Me In Campaign launched

This week saw Andy Kerr, DGS Telecoms & Financial Services, launched the “Count Me In” campaign on behalf of the CWU and all its members in BT in protection of our jobs and our terms and condtions.

He invited all of our members in BT to join the campaign after the CWU were left in no doubt that the Companies plans for their site strategy over the next 4 to 5 years would see hundreds of jobs put at threat. Furthermore, it would directly result in compulsory redundancies.

Meanwhile, Dave Ward, General Secretary, made an empassioned plea to our BT members to recognise now that we are going to be in a fight for our lives over coming weeks and months to protect what we have gained over so many years, and every member would be affected by the plans BT were making. They have set aside £1.3bn to achieve their goal. 

He left all of our members in no doubt that “we cannot stand by and allow the Company to press on regardless, we cannot stnd by and allow them to ignore your voice and that of the union”. he also left our members in no doubt that this was going to be a difficult campaign, but we must see it through to the end. That might necessitate industrial action.

Both Dave and Andy has asked every member to join us in this campaign and protect your jobs and future terms and conditions.

You can keep up to date with the campaign through the CWU Facebook account: “The Communications Union”

The branch will also be keeping you updated on any events that are occurring and asking you to take part over the coming period.

We wouldalso ask you to update us with a Personal Email address and mobile number. We needto makesure we can contact you at short notice, which will become difficult for us through BT Email addresses.


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