Over the past few months BT have made announcements around their site strategy that without any doubt will leave jobs under threat for desk based members. 

BT Technology has announced 6 key sites and a further 8 satellite site strategy, which see them having sites in Wales or Scotland. For our members BT Tower remains, but the only other building that they will have a presence is the new headquarters building in Aldgate.

Meanwhile, Openreach have this week announced a 9 key site strategy, none of which are in London.

Although BT Enterprise have yet to declare their strategy at this point, they have reduced numbers through compulsory redundancy over the last 9 months that leaves no central London sites.

It is not lost on the CWU locally or nationally that at the same time the site strategies are being released, the Company have also served notice on the compulsory redundancy aspect of the 2018 pensions agreement. That can only be to reduce it from two years.

Compulsion will become the normal, redeployment will no longer exist.

A branch forum was held just over a week ago and it was felt that the only way that we could challenge the company was to now evoke the terms of motion 21 passed at annual conference last year.

Whilst continuing to negotiate with the Company, we must ensure that our BT members fully understand the situation and that we will not change anything without the involvement of our members. That will need action. It may well involve Industrial action in line with the motion.

The branch circulated an email to all our BT members asking them to update information we hold on them. This includes a personal email address, and a personal mobile, if you have one. That information will not go beyond the CWU, but we will need to contact you quickly and effectively with updates, and not via your BT email address.
Please update us as soon as possible.

The use of social media has become more important. We would therefore ask that if you use Facebook and Twitter that you sign up to the head office pages. They are as follows:

FACEBOOK:            The Communications Union
TWITTER:                @CWUNews

There is constant information being put out on those pages. There are also two Facebook live Q&A sessions planned for the coming week to allow you to fully understand where we are at present and to ask questions. The events are as follows:

MONDAY 29TH JUNE 2020 @ 6.00PM

With Dave Ward (GS), Andy Kerr (DGS T&FS) and Karen Rose (President of the CWU)


Dave, Andy and Karen are joined by Chris Webb (head of Comms) and Davie Bowman (Openreach Lead)

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