What’s happening with our agreement on London Weighting

You may recall that an agreement was reached in 2006, after protracted negotiations lasting two years, for a lasting solution and an annual uplift of London Weighting linked to the equivalent of 75% of the pay award for each particular year. 

Whilst this was proposed by the company as a lasting solution to London Weighting,  
this fell short of the policy and aspirations of the CWU which was for full linkage to pay, for this reason a joint review was agreed to take place in 2008.

We wrote to BT in 2008 and 2009 to request this review; however the company did not meet us in either year.

When the Pay agreement was reached in 2010 there was no associated increase in the London Weighting. After further negotiations BT agreed in November 2010 to increase the London Weighting on a without prejudice basis

Once again in 2011 we received a pay rise but to date we have received no associated increase in the London Weighting.

This has been a subject of discussion between our Head Office and BT who claim that the deal was for three years only and questioned the rationale of the linkage with Pay.

At this moment in time we are waiting for a response from BT with their final position. Our national negotiators have informed BT that if the company maintain its position then it is likely to return the situation to the disputes of the past.

Members may wish to ask questions at their Team Briefs, huddles or one to one’s as to why are BT refusing to accept that we are entitled to an increase in London Weighting equivalent to 75% of the pay award as detailed by the company in their letter dated 26th April 2006.

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