We are entering the time of year when snow and ice are predictable. Please ensure that arrangements are in place to make external operational areas safe by having salt available for use in yards, traffic and pedestrian routes. Check to make sure that the local supplies of salt are adequate and request more if these stocks become depleted by contacting BT Property on 0800 223388.

BT Property provides a pro-active snow and ice clearance service to a limited number of nominated operational sites in Scotland. At major office buildings in England, Scotland and Wales, where there is an on-site presence, BT Property provides a reactive service to spread rock salt and clear footpaths where appropriate.

For all other locations a “self help” policy exists. Many operational buildings with low occupancy levels do not have formal arrangements for salting the access routes. BT people and contractors who are based in, garage vehicles at, or visit such locations are requested to apply the salt to areas of the yards in most use.

It is important that all BT people and agents work together locally to ensure that the salt is spread as early as possible if injuries and incidents are to be prevented.

Those who require salting grit for use whilst working in the field should use the stores procedure for obtaining salt and not the estate management process. Salt de-icing item code 000959 or Rock Salt 10Kg item code 064890.

Watch Your Step

We all need to be aware of our surroundings and to be vigilant when walking but there are locations and times of year when this is particularly relevant. Winters have been generally mild recently but we should always expect a certain exposure to ice and snow before the spring. Taking care and being vigilant applies equally on our way to work and at work.

When outside we need to be extra vigilant when the weather is or has been poor. Snow can mask obstructions and trip hazards, compounded on occasions by the presence of ice underneath the snow. Try to keep to a well-defined route and areas that have been treated when ice and / or snow is present. Yaktrak heavy duty ice grips for walking on packed snow and ice are available from the corporate clothing website. Item code BT50076.

It is of course important to take care when inside a building particularly when it is wet and people may have brought snow or mud into the entrance areas to buildings.

Road Gritting

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable and varied – and this can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Throughout the winter months, icy roads can be a common occurrence and snow can fall when we least expect it. Although gritting machines are often a familiar sight on winter evenings, they are not a guarantee that our roads are safe – and you should always adapt your driving to suit the conditions. It may be necessary to make the decision not to drive at all if it is clearly snowy or icy and no gritting has been done.

You should never assume that roads will have been gritted and that therefore it is safe to drive at the same speed as you would in good conditions. Even if you do know that a road has been gritted, you should still take it steady – salt takes time to work and in severe weather salt will not stop all ice.


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