Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

BT Property undertake to support the aims and objectives of the Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical equipment and will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure the electrical integrity of Non-Fixed Equipment.

The service will be delivered through a series of rolling programmes designed to ensure that all sites and buildings within the responsibilities of FMS are visited at an appropriate frequency to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice.

You are obliged to undertake visual inspection of an electrical item before you use it. You must make sure that your equipment has a valid test label, if it does not you must report it to your line manager or the FM helpdesk on 0800 223388.

You can get further information from the BT health and safety handbook section 4, “Health and Safety in and around BT buildings” on


BT Property Facilities Contractors will establish ongoing Fixed Electrical Testing Programmes throughout the non-operational estate to ensure compliance with BS 7671:1992 requirements for electrical installations. This places a responsibility to undertake the periodic Test and Inspection of the fixed electrical installation at a frequency not exceeding 5 years.

BT Property Facilities Contractors will Test and Inspect Lightning Protection Systems at a frequency not exceeding 11 months. All tests will be carried out in accordance with BS 7430.

PAT labels

BT Property contractors carry out testing of equipment on a rolling programme – if the test label on your equipment is no longer valid, for instance it has been moved or the programmed visit missed, you should contact your line manager to report this to BT Property Facilities Contractors.

How can I tell if my Test Label is valid?

Currently, the contractors use a set of colour-coded labels to make identification easier:

New equipment which has not yet been tested by BT is given the pink label:

Portable Equipment requiring re-test every two years is given a yellow label:

If it is Class 2 (double insulated) and requires a two yearly re-test it is given a green label:

Transportable Equipment requiring re-test every five years is given the orange label:

If its Class 2 double insulated requiring five yearly re-tests is is given a blue label:

Equipment leads (flexes) are given a yellow label when tested with teh appliance:-

Equipment requiring annual inspection is given a yellow and white striped label:

This link gives additional information on Portable Appliance Testing:-


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