Following a recent incident, where a cable drum became detached from the trailer whilst in transit, Openreach and the CWU felt the need to remind all drivers of their responsibilities.

 It is the Driver’s and their Manager’s responsibility to ensure that their vehicle and trailer combination is Safe, Legal and Roadworthy and the load secure.

 Fortunately the incident resulted in no serious injuries to other road users or pedestrians but potentially could have been catastrophic and could have resulted in BT and the driver being prosecuted by the authorities.

FPQ 951, the commercial vehicle safety check, asks the questions;

If the vehicle has a tow bar, has the driver seen the Trailer Check video?

Can the driver of a vehicle fitted with a tow-bar explain the legal requirement for towing trailers?

If the vehicle is used to tow a trailer, does the trailer have an in-date label with the month of its next service clearly marked?

If the vehicle is used to tow a trailer, does the trailer have a correctly fixed number plate with the same registration as the vehicle?

If the vehicle is used to tow a trailer, are the trailer tyres at the correct pressure with sufficient tread remaining and free from cuts and defects?

If the vehicle is used to tow a cable drum trailer, is the correct drum bar fitted with any drum properly secured?

FPQ 989, Trailer safety audit asks;

Is the breakaway cable undamaged and correctly fitted, including connection to vehicle, if applicable?

Are brake hoses undamaged and correctly connected (where applicable)?

On cable trailers does the serial number stamped on the drum bar match the trailer serial number?

Is the drum lifting frame in good condition, free of excessive play and all locking devices present and correctly engaged?

Are drum collars fitted with the correct locking bolts and correctly adjusted?

Can you answer these questions? If not then your driving license could be at risk;

Keep your cable trailer and your driving license safe!

See also;

ISIS practice : MTT/VHE/E001 Commercial Vehicle Drivers Handbook ;

ISIS directive : SFY/NNS/V004 Daily/Weekly Checks for Cabling Vehicles;

Trailer safety checks video; 

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