Individual Risk Assessment

It is accepted by BT that working in certain areas may present additional hazards to the engineering workforce. 

For example, known sites may require 2-person working for personal safety reasons and are categorised into four groups as detailed below.

  • HOD – 1 person during the day, 2 people at night.
  • NGO – 2 people 24 hours a day.
  • NN1 – 1 person during the day, exclusion at night.
  • NN2 – 2 people during the day, exclusion at night 

BT’s High Risk Area database should be consulted prior to attending site and can be found at:

These lists are subject to local joint reviews between BT and the CWU at least twice a year, so circumstances may have changed even if you visited that site previously. Even if a site is not already on the High Risk database, risks may present themselves at any time. An on-site risk assessment should be undertaken by the individual where they should check the working conditions actually faced, against the information, training, equipment and experience they have.

If the work situation faced is beyond their capability, knowledge, experience or if they feel unsafe, they must not begin work before their manager has been consulted; or if the circumstances surrounding them deteriorate during the course of the job, they must stop immediately ensuring that the work site is as safe as possible.

An individual has the absolute and final decision on whether work can be undertaken safely.

No person has the authority to overturn an individual risk assessment.

For example, you may decide to call for “an assist” or return the job.

If your risk assessment determines that you go into a customers premises, it is advisable to take with you only the tools or equipment anticipated to be required for the job in hand (which may include laptops and testers), making it easier to carry and less likely to lose, one way or another.

If challenged by anyone for anything of value such a laptop or tools, BT’s policy is that you should not put yourself at risk of personal injury and just let those demanding them take them.

Your personal safety is more important than any piece of equipment, as it can be replaced, you can’t!

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