High Risk Work Areas

It is accepted by BT that working in certain areas may present additional hazards to the engineering workforce. Sites may require 2-person working for personal safety reasons and are categorised into four groups as detailed below. 

  • HOD- 1 person during the day, 2 people at night. 
  • NGO- 2 people 24 hours a day. 
  • NN1- 1 person during the day, exclusion at night. 
  • NN2- 2 people during the day, exclusion at night 
  • This is the High Risk Area Database which can be found at: 

This database has changed recently and whereas before it had a separate category for high risk buildings they are now incorporated within the appropriate geographical area.

As always, whether an area is on the list or not, if you believe you would be at risk if you go there or you are already there and feel unsafe you should call for assistance.

Remember, BT like any employer, has a duty of care towards you whilst at work.

If you have any problems getting assistance or controls and/or your manager deny, refuse or pressure you about the assistance then ring your branch immediately giving the relevant information.

Your decision to call or not to call for assistance will not leave you open to disciplinary action should an incident occur.

The database will be constantly changing as records are amended as a result of regular reviews or referrals by field technicians. To maintain the integrity of the database, changes can only be made with written authority from the Field Operations General Managers, who will then arrange for appropriate consultation with the Local Union Branch.

If you may know of an area that you think should be classed as a Two Person Working area that isn’t already, let your manager and/or your branch know.

(ISIS FOP/FOU/C501 Issue 11 22-Jun-2007) refers

The general practice of Working in the Hours of Darkness/Low Ambient Light is known in BT as WITHOD – This is covered in ISIS SFY/GRA/A003. This process should not be confused with working on 2 Person designated sites.

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