CETAM Tagging

CETAM lines are used in the tagging of convicted criminal so that they can be sent home under curfew orders. Whilst the majority of these people may be of little or no risk to anyone and deserve the chance to rehabilitate and return to society, others may still pose a threat – the problem is how do you know?

Some of our members have been given CETAM jobs and have not been made aware of what type of job this is or the risks involved. We have had reports of intimidation and threatening behaviour towards engineers working on these lines.

On provision these jobs can often only be identified by the name,

Premier Monitoring

On repair there is no way of finding out until you arrive on site, which by then is too late!

Some Custodial Tagging tasks (CETAM) will have already been identified by the tagging companies as requiring a two man visit. In these situations an assist will have already been built onto the work manager system for you. These type of tasks can be identified by the text “++Two Man Job++” in the first line of the order notes.

On receiving a CETAM task it is imperative you read the notes looking for this text. If the warning is present you must ring your work manager control to establish if the assist task has been issued and if so, who to. If the assist task has not been issued DO NOT attempt to visit the customer and complete the job on your own. Ask the control to arrange the assist while waiting for the assist complete the network part of the task. If the assist has still not arrived by then contact your control again for further advice.

On visiting the site the Engineer assesses the site for potential hazards, taking appropriate action as needed. This may involve the assistance of a colleague, the LCM, or the Home Office Agent if considered necessary.

If you feel that your coach or manager is forcing you to do a job, even though you have refused it on grounds of safety, you should ring your branch immediately.

No Manager or coach has the right to ask you to do a job unless you are happy it is safe.

If In Doubt Ring Your Branch.


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