Accident Reporting

All accidents or incidents, including verbal or physical abuse and dangerous occurrences at work should be reported to your employer. 

This is a requirement of the Reporting of Incidents Diseases & Dangerous Occurrence Regulations (RIDDOR) 1995. They also cover health problems caused or made worse by work.

It also gives a record of the accident or incident should there be a problem associated with it where there may be grounds for a claim of damages or compensation for negligence.

In the case of employment with BT, their central Accident & Incident Reporting Group (AIRG) can be called on telephone number: 0800 671345

They will ask you various questions & should give you an Incident number.

This incident report should then be forwarded to your line manager and a copy sent to the union so that a branch Union Safety Representative (USR) can investigate, ideally jointly as per BT’s ISIS SFY/LAP/A011.

This investigation is to look at what happened & why and prevent it happening in the future to someone else, perhaps more seriously.

Sometimes the AIRG will tell you that they don’t accept some incidents where there is no personal injury, known as “Near Misses”.

The CWU in London’s view is that since there are many more near misses for every accident which results in injury, the only way to effective prevent injuries is to look at the whole picture not just the tip of the iceberg.

Today’s Near Miss could be tomorrow’s fatality!

However for incidents that BT will not centrally accept like some near misses, it should still be reported to your line manager & additionally there is an on-line registering process, established principally for BT Retail Customer Services, found at URL:

Further information can also be found in BT Health & Safety Handbook SFY/HSH/C012 at URL:

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