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Sunday - 19th November 2017

BT PENSIONS PROPOSALS (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

By now you would have received Proposals from BT to change both our Pension Schemes (BTPS and BTRSS).

You would have also received a leaflet from the CWU explaning to you that those changes are unacceptable and should be rejected.

We are now in the 60 day consultation process that the Company has to do under the laew if they propose changes to a scheme, and the CWU want to leave you in no doubt that you must take part in that consultation and challenge the Proposal for change they are making.

There is no doubt that they are derisory on all fronts.


BT have already been told that the option for closure of the BTPS scheme will be met with Industrial Action. That policy was made at our annual conference this year.


The alternative options for both the schemes benefit nobody but BT. Be in no doubt of that, and that is why you need to challenge them personally at this stage.


To assist you in getting updates on where we are, and to give you the opportunity to ask questions (but not financial advise) the branch are setting up a number of meetings and will have someone from the national team present. The first of those meetings takes place as follows:


date: Thursday 30th November 2017

Time: 12 noon to 1.00pm    and   1.00pm to 2.00pm

Venue: The Main Hall, Christ Church, 123 Blackfriars Road

(just along from Colombo House)


More dates will be circulated once we have them.


In the meantime, we would ask that you respond to recent emails the branch have sent you at you work email address seeking details of which Pnsion scheme you are in, where you work and a to provide a personal email address.

The email address is important to us as at some point BT could stop us using your work address and we will need an alternative to circulate vital information if some form of action is to be taken to protect all of our pensions.


The branch are in the process of setting up Twiiter and Facebook accounts so you can follow us via social media. In the meantime you can get up to date information by following HQ on the Twitter and Facebook accounts  #tellBTno  and  @CWUnews




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