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Tuesday - 14th March 2017

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

The National Executive Elections will commence on Thursday 16th March 2017, with Ballot paper being distributed to all full time members of the Union within the Telecoms and Financial Services Constituency.



The Branch made our nominations back in February after agreement at the January branch meeting.

The branch officers would ask all our members to take part in this ballot to elect our National Negotiators for the next two years.

We believe that the people we have chosen to support are the best and most experienced team to protect our members and take this union forward. 

We know these people and their capabilities and would not recomment them unless we believed they were the right mix of people to achieve what is necesasary to protect and improve the terms and conditions of our members in the T&FS constituency.

We would encourage you to use your democratic right to vote, and in turn consider voting for those listed below for the positions indicated.


T&FS Constituency Vice Chair :                 KAREN ROSE


National Executive Council:                       TOM COPPER

                                                                    NICK DARBYSHIRE

                                                                    TRACEY FUSSEY

                                                                    CHIC MCGLYNN

                                                                    DAVE TEE

                                                                    JULIA UPTON


T&FS Executive BT/Other:                         STEPHEN ALBON

                                                                    TRACY BUCKLEY

                                                                    JAMES SAMUELS

                                                                    DAVE STUART

                                                                    KEN WOOLLEY


London Regional Secretary:                       IAN MURPHY


The branch will be circulating materials to your home and via email and text to encourage you to vote, and your vote will benefit charity.

The election does not close until 4th April, so it give plenty of time to make your selection.

The important thing is you take the time to vote to ensure the structure of this union remains strong and able to protect, maintain and improve what we have.



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