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London Mayoral Election - vote SADIQ KHAN

Tuesday - 19th April 2016

London Mayoral Election - vote SADIQ KHAN (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

In just over 2 weeks Londoners will be asked to vote for the next Mayor of London.


Many of our members who live in Greater London will have the right to vote on who that Mayor will be, and the Branch would recommend and ask you to vote for Sadiq Khan, the official Labour Party candidate.


Sadiq was born, bred and lives in London, so there is nobody that understands the plight of Londoners more. He has used that experience as the shadow minister for London in Labour's shadow cabinet. He is the current MP for Tooting, so applies his trade assisting and representing Londoners.


As a trained lawyer, Sadiq for many years has focussed on human rights and has spent much of his time defendin g people who were being discriminated against. It now appalls him that the Tory Government are hell bent on scrapping the human rights act, something that he and the Labour Party have spent many years defending.


After suffering 8 years of the buffoon, Boris Johnson, and his broken promises on  housing, he has now used London as his stepping stone for his own political ambitions within the Tory Party.

It has, however, made housing a focal point for this election and Sadiq has made big commitments to the building of new affordable homes for Londoners in London, rather than it turning into a playground for the idol rich.

His full manifesto can be found at

The current opinion polls have Sadiq with a 6 to 8 percentage point advantage over his nearest rival. However, as we all know that becomes immaterial if you don't turn out the vote. The Tories will get their vote out, without any doubt. It is therefore imporant that all responsible Londoners



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