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Annual Conference 2011

Tuesday - 31st May 2011

Annual Conference 2011 (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

The first day of annual conference this year was the most significant within the Telecoms industry for 25 years.

At  a special rules revision session changes were made to move ourselves to a single Telecoms constituency to stand alongside the Postal constituency. This meant moving away from soerate Clerical, Engineering and Operator & Ancillary constiuencies that have been in place for 25 years when we became the NCU.

Proposal 10, standing in the name of our branch, significantly changed the structure and size of the National Executive and moved the elections to a biennial arrangement.

Now the structure is set in place, the elections for the Executive will now go ahead in line with the biennial arrengements. They will take place over the coming months setting up both the National Executive and the Industry Executive teams for 2 years.

Further significant changes will be to the structure of our negotiating teams, with branch officers being elected as lay delegates to national teams who deal directly with senior management where we have recognition arrangements However, more on that in the furture as they will not be dealt with until after the Executive Elections.

As a branch we were fully behind that changes to the structure. We saw these moves as forward thinking and would protect the future of this Union. We joined with other like minded branches to ensure the changes happened. It would aslo enable the CWU to become more streamlined and enable us to cut the financial outgoings.

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