Capital Branch

Branch Office: Room 1011, Baynard Hse, 135 Queen Victoria St, London, EC4V 4AA

Tel: 020 7236 5159


Our Branch Reps

Meet the people who make a difference on your behalf day in day out. 

Branch Officers

Kate Hankey

Branch Chair & Political Officer

Hankey, Kate (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

As well as her duties a the Chair of the branch, Kate was elected to the BT Business National Team as a lay delegate. She has also just become our Political Officer.

Garry Woodman

Branch Secretary

Woodman, Garry (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

As well as his secretarial role, Garry was elected to the BT Openreach National Team as a lay delegate as well as holding a position on the BT European Co-ordinating Committee.

Tony Gilkes

Deputy Secretary

Gilkes, Tony (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Tony leads on Openreach matters for the branch and also producing much of the literature sent out to our members. He also looks after the website. He is also part of the BT Global Services National Team as a lay delegate.

John Duffus

Vice-Chair and Health, Sefety and Environment Officer

Duffus, John (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

John was elected as the Vice-Chair of the branch at the AGM. He is also the branch co-ordinator for Health & Safety, leading the team of Union Safety Representatives in the branch area. He spends a great deal of his time out of the office making sure that the buildings are safe for our members.

Rob McCracken

Financial Secretary, Youth Officer and Membership & Recruitment Officer

McCracken, Rob (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

As well as being the Fin. Sec, in the short term he is covering the Youth Officer role until we can get a replacement, and also does Membership and Recruitment. Rob is also an active USR.

Jason Reynolds

Assistant Secretary and Lesbian & Gay Equality Officer

Jason Reynolds (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Jason takes on much of he work to do with BT TSO. He is also an active USR. This year he has taken on the role as the LGBT Officer.

Anne Mackenzie

Assistant Secretary

Mackenzie,Anne  (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Anne is another of our officers that deal with member cases. She also focuses on the service management and DCoE areas of BT Openreach.

Rossana Hawkins

Assistant Secretary and Education Officer

Rossana Hawkins (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Rossana does a lot of our member casework and is the focal point when it comes to allocating cases to other branch officers. She has also taken on the role of Education Officer for the Branch.

Steve Doherty

Assistant Secretary

Doherty, Steve (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Steve is one of our lead officers dealing with our many member cases. He is also our lead on the BT Business and BT Consumer area of business

Chris Gadeke

Youth Officer

Chris Gadeke (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Chris is our new Youth Officer and is also a member of the CWU National Youth Committee. He was elected to that role late last year. It is important that we engage with our young members and Chris has taken this role on board to attempt to make that engagement and encourage their activity for the future of this branch and this union.

Sylvia Becket

Racial Equality & Womens Equality Officer

Becket, Sylvia  (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Sylvia is one of our part time Officers, but takes on two extremely important functions for the branch.

Nick Darbyshire

National Liason Officer

Darbyshire, Nick (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Nick is a former Branch Secretary, but is now a part of the Union's National Executive Committee. He still however holds an officer post within the branch.

Branch Representatives

Name Employer OUC
Mick Wright Retired

Learning Representatives

Name Employer OUC
Nick Darbyshire
Kate Hankey BT Openreach
Rob McCracken BT Openreach

Safety Representatives

Name Employer OUC
Nick Darbyshire
John Duffus BT Retail
Tony Gilkes BT Global Services
Kate Hankey BT Openreach
Jason Reynolds BT TSO
Rob McCracken BT Openreach