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POWER FAULT REPORTING - Lighting (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

At the present time, there is a shortage of people carrying out the task and replacement of fluorescent tubes and bulbs in the operational areas of the BT estate. If you find that the lighting provided has gone faulty, you need to contact either:

Telereal Helpdesk on 0800223388 for office and communal areas or

Network Power for operational areas.
They will need the location of the equipment, if bulbs or fluorescent tubes, what size and a contact number.

Network Power & Cooling : contact number during the times of 7.15am till 6.30pm is: 01223 555 636

Then choice option 2 for network power, then you will be asked to choose an option below for which part of the country.
Option 1, London
Option 2, Home Counties
Option 3, Midland, Wales + West, Northern Ireland
Option 4, NE, NW
Option 5, Scotland

Out of hours contact number is 0800 9172363.

As the contact number can be very busy, you can also email the details of the fault, so that they can create a job number, they will then email you back all the details of the fault, this will help with the tracking of the faults: Email Address:

If there is insufficient lighting for you to work safely you should report the fault as a health and safety issue and will need to carry out an on site risk assessment of your work area. If you think the situation is likely to put yourself or anybody else at risk, do not start work, and contact your manager to conduct a local risk assessment.


SFY/HSH/C008 - Issue 4 - 08/02/2010 Risk Assessment Policy refers at;

Published: Monday - 20th June 2011

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