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Fuses 28 containing white asbestos in Telephone Exchange's

Fuses 28 containing white asbestos in Telephone Exchange's  (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

Although many people think that all fuses 28 containing white asbestos (chrysotile) were removed from the BT estate many years ago this is clearly not the case.

If it is noticed that fuses 28 are present on the MDF blocks it should be reported to management and the union safety representative and if the removal of fuses is necessary then the following procedure should apply;

The Removal of Fuses 28 containing white asbestos from MDF blocks in Telephone Exchange's. (SFY/HSH/D055 - Issue 4 - 01/12/2008 - FAQ's)


The work area will be cordoned off using barriers/tape. The operative should wear disposable overalls, disposable gloves and FF P3 standard respirator, which can be disposed of with the recovered fuses. Operatives remove the fuses from the blocks individually and place them in a plastic bag. On completion of the work the waste should then be “sealed and double – bagged” and identified as asbestos waste. Operatives should take general hygiene precautions by washing hands and face after work.


All recovered fuses should be stored in plastic bags, placed in a second bag and identified as asbestos waste and the bags sealed, and stored in a safe location.

Arrangements should then be made to safely dispose of the asbestos waste as appropriate:  Contact 0800 22 33 88 and arrange an e-job.

The manager has the responsibility of the waste until collection by Facilities.

RAL/ENV/B010 - Duty of Care - BT's main obligations with respect to waste disposal legislation

RAL/ENV/B011 - Waste Guide

Waste must not be moved between buildings

When asbestos fibres are inhaled they can cause serious diseases which are responsible for around 4000 deaths a year. Remember a single fibre can kill.

Published: Monday - 2nd August 2010

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