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Drilling on Ladders

Drilling on Ladders (/websites/LinuxPackage09/cw/uc/ap/

BT now says that the Hammer Light 24-Volt cordless drill (item code No 141780) or Hammer Light Cordless 1 12-Volt (item code 008520), are the only drills to be used to install an eyebolt 2A.

This is due to the fact drills without a SDS clutch facility could bite into the masonry and the torque or twisting of the drill could throw the person off the ladder.

The 21-point process outlined in Engineering Solutions Memo 41/2002 Issue 2, includes the following significant points:

1. A ladder stability device top end (item code No 129363) MUST be used.

2. Only SDS Plus 8mm (item code 128279) for the pilot hole & 16mm (item code 127245) drill bits should be used & under NO circumstances must the chuck be used.

3. A line sash 2 (item code 127522) must always be used to get the drill aloft.

Additionally, there do not appear to be any Risk Assessments covering the use of any other drills whilst working from ladders or steps, despite being requested more than 8 months ago by the CWU.

Until the CWU are in receipt of these additional Risk Assessments, we are unsure what drilling activities are able to be conducted safely whilst working from a ladder or steps.

We would therefore advise you not to perform any drilling activity from ladders or steps for which there is no suitable & sufficient Risk Assessment, the significant findings of which should be recorded, as they have now been for these two drills.


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Published: Monday - 2nd August 2010

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