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Care at Christmas

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When putting up your Christmas decorations give a thought to what you are standing on and pressing the pins into!

Use steps or ladders rather than standing on tables or chairs, particularly those with castors.

When erecting your decorations make sure you are not sticking the pins into any materials, which might cause harm, not only to yourself, but also to others!

Look out for, 'ASBESTOS' warning labels, telling you that the walls or ceilings are made of ASBESTOS based products.

Textured finishes such as ARTEX, up-until the mid 1980's were known to have had an ASBESTOS content. And if you are not sure of its origins, caution should be used!

Pins should not be stuck into either ASBESTOS or any ARTEX suspected of containing ASBESTOS, as it could cause the fibres to become AIRBORNE (friable).

Also care should be taken when putting up your fairy lights. Check the cable and bulb holders for signs of damage so as not to cause any electric shocks or fires, make sure you keep them away from flammable substances.

Don't take the batteries out of Smoke or Carbon Monoxide Alarms to put into toys, and if you want any ideas for a present, why not give a smoke or CO alarm the ideal gift, which might save a life.

If you follow these simple guidelines you should have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Remember,

ASBESTOSIS is not just for Christmas, it's for Life or Death!

Published: Monday - 2nd August 2010

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