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Throughout the course of this week their have been numerous enquiries in relation to  unsolicited emails from a firm called Attwood Solicitors.  They have been advertising their services to CWU members claiming to be specialists in the field of personal injury and also having a national reputation for dealing with noise induced hearing loss claims.


The reality is that the CWU and its Panel Firms of Solicitors are handling the vast majority of noise induced hearing loss claims, which we are currently running against BT.


Branches should note that it is not in our members’ interest to use firms like Attwood Solicitors, quite simply because, they would lose the protection the CWU Legal Services Department provides when we handle claims on behalf of our members, so far as our members are totally protected against any adverse legal costs in pursuing such claims, as the Union underwrites all the potential legal costs as part of its service to its members.


The National Legal Officer has the intention to write to the Partners at Attwood Solicitors expressing his dissatisfaction with their attempt to undermine the CWU Legal Services Department by trying to entice our members to use their services as opposed to the CWU.


Additionally, there has been advertisements placed in some of the “red top” daily newspapers by a firm called Hugh James, who are also advertising their services in relation to noise induced hearing loss claims against BT and they actually quote the CWU in their adverts.  Members should also note that Hugh James has no association with the CWU and, yet again, this is an attempt by the firm to entice members of the CWU to use their firm as a private client, which again is not in our members’ best interest, for the same reasons as stated above. 

Members should  ignore such unsolicited advertisements and approaches from this type of firm. If you are confused, then please contact the branch for guidance.

Published: Tuesday - 17th July 2012

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